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Isla got to hang out with her cousins last weekend and like always I took a whole-lotta pictures. Here's just a few.

(originally published 4/2/12)

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Elizabeth & Phil

Thank you Elizabeth and Phil for letting me take your photos. For someone who claimed to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, Elizabeth, your photos looked lovely! Phil, you were a natural. 

Good luck to you two and I look forward to meeting your little one at our newborn session!

(originally published 2/26/12)

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Taylor, Nate, Shelby & Chance

A big thank you to the cousins Taylor, Nate, Shelby and Chance for letting me take their picture. We had such a good time that Taylor and Nate's mom even joined in on the fun!

(originally published 2/7/12)

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Julia & Ryan

My shoot with Julia and Ryan was cold. Like, tear-inducing, "I can't feel my fingers", Antarctica kinda cold (mental note: buy some gloves). Despite the conditions Julia and Ryan were great, laughing the whole way through. 

(originally published 12/21/11)

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Tiffany & Eric

I met Tiff and Eric at my new favorite super-secret location (Coot Lake) to take their engagement photos. And despite the freezing temperatures and a visit from the Boulder police (it's not as bad as it sounds) we had a great time and I think we got some great shots, too.

Thanks Tiff and Eric for a great shoot and congratulations on your engagement!

(originally published 12/12/11)

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Ari Swisher

When my niece Ari is a super model/actress/world renowned quantum physicist I can tell all my friends I took her first head shots.

(originally published October 1, 2011)

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Hello Boulder!

Hello people of Colorado! My family and I recently moved to Boulder from Chicago so we're looking for your smiling faces to help us grow our business. So until the end of October we're offering 20% off your next session! Pretty good, eh?                               

(originally published 9/22/11)

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The Jacksons

Thank you to the Jacksons (especially you Blake!) for making my last photo shoot in Chicago a great one!

(originally published 9/22/11)

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