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Meaghan & Zach

Meaghan and Zach planned a beautiful wedding in picturesque Sayulita, Mexico, a village brimming with big waves, warm people and vibrant colors. It's basically the best place in the world to get married especially for these surf loving love birds. But what they didn't plan for was Meaghan getting sick on the morning of her wedding.

I always tell my couples no matter how meticulous you are planning your wedding something will probably go slightly awry. For example, I've seen a best man lose the wedding ring, a band an hour late because they got lost on the way to the reception and now I can add a bride waking up sick on her wedding day. But in my experience all of these major anxiety inducers turned out to be minor headaches and a great story to tell the kids someday. And that's exactly what happened on this occasion. Meaghan and Zach got married overlooking the ocean and a sea of smiling faces. The wedding and reception were beautiful and the couple celebrated with friends and family all night. It was a wonderful day and this story definitely had a happy ending.

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